A fresh start.

Seth-10184.jpgIn Sutekh's Name is my personal view on Left Hand Path Sethianism. As the name already says, it is related to the old Egyptian deity Sutekh, also known as Seth or Set. This blog is only meant as a representation of my personal feelings and encounters on this path. What ever you do with it, is up to you, as in the end you are responsible for your own actions.

In Sutekh's Name is a part of the Sethian Realm, this means all those who accept Sutekh in their life, being it as God, Archetype or in what ever form. I claim no leader or teacher ship through it, as we are all on a solitary discovery path. For each of us, the line of how and what Sutekh means for us will be very different.

Though I always have been fond of rituals, I turn more towards meditation and energy workings. Piece by piece I wish to bring this forward on this blog, but only time can tell us, which way it will go, especially as I am still rather new in using any kind of blog.

You are welcome to travel with me on this path, where Sutekh's light shines for all to see, so we can grow past our limitations and expand our own possibilities.

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