Who is Sutekh? (Part 1)

Who is Sutekh?

It's possible to answer this question from different angles. One view would be that of myth and legends, or we can get of the beaten path and trust on what we feel, when coming near to Sutekh.

One reason, why I don't want to go into the many myths and legends around Sutekh, is that we can't trust the historical sources for 100 %. As always history isn't written by objective sources, but by those who have the power & if something isn't to their view or liking, they just will alter it. This certainly has happened to Sutekh, who through the years was degenerated from a supreme being to an almost demonic creature. Many things played a part in this proces, and it's not my intention to look at each of them.

More important is to get a clear view on what remains of the original being that we know as Sutekh. To do so, we first of all, must ask ourself the question, if Sutekh is a good or evil being, but in fact this is a useless question, as none of the pre-christian Gods where seen as all good or all evil, this is a point brought forward by the monotheistic religions and especialy those who are build on Abraham. The ancients gods had their good and lesser points, they where not white or black, but grey, as we should be.

It is true, that Sutekh can be a fearcefull and chaotic being, but only when it is necessary. He is not only a destroyer, but also a renewer and even a preserver. That what has no place anymore in your life, he will destroy, and usualy not in a quiet manner, but as such, he opens the way, to bring forward new things. We can escape from our limitations and grow further. Those things that are of importance, he will preserve, as we need a good base to build on.

For those who trust on Sutekh, he can be a true friend, but don't be surprised if he plays a trick with you, or test you, to see how strong you are. Certainly he is fond of those that stand strong, as he casts down those that are weak or doubt the chosen path, and be sure, Sutekh can ask the ultimate proof of your faith in him.

The question of faith, brings us to a good point, is Sutekh a god, an archetype or even something else? Well, that is for you to decide. I can't do this for you. Though my main viewpoint remains this of an archetype, in rites, mediation and even worship I will near Sutekh as a deity. As such I have a little shrine in my house, where his image stands, where I meditate, work energy, do magic (will come back on this point later on), burn candles, incense and even offer food and drink to him.

For me Sutekh isn't to be described in words or thoughts, he is much greater then this, he is the power that brought forward the universe and keeps it in motion. As such in meditation I visualize his powers, the energy of the universe flow to me and through me, restoring unto me, my original state of being, becoming a god after and through Sutekh.

As said in my first post on this blog, I bring forward my personal views and thoughts. So you don't have to agree with it, we all have our insights to follow.

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