Who is Sutekh? (Part 2)

Gods or no gods, that is the question!

This is always a tricky matter to go into, as its easy to offend people with this question, but in the end, that's not my problem, but theirs. The question is easy, did the gods create men, or vice versa. I think its the last response, at least in so far, that we name them, attribute them with powers, characters and more.

I do believe there is energy in the universe, that maybe is the origin of all that exists, but I think this is not a personal god, or even any god we can imagine. In the mythology of On (Heliopolis), it state that all came forth from an original ocean, called Nun. We could ask ourself if this can be seen, as a vast energy, from where all developed?

Without Nun, nothing would have come to be, at least, if we follow the creation myth of On. For me this original water or ocean is the Abyss, which is so many times named in occult works and from where all comes forth.

From Nun, one god came forth, namely Atum, who further gave life to other gods, which in the end gave birth to Sutekh.

Sutekh is some what a strange god, seemingly he doesn't realy fit into the whole story, as if he was only put into the story, to give him a place. Maybe he was the or an original deity of Egypt, and surpressed by gods as Osiris and Isis, who could have been brought to Egypt, with people leaving the changing Sahara. Once a fertile plain, it changed over time in a dessert, and those who where living there, needed to find a new home, bringing with them, their gods and cultur.

In any case, for me Sutekh is an older being, then most others of the pantheon. How it all came to be, will probably remain an open question, there is no scientific proof and our feelings, are only of value to ourselves. They are no universal truth, except our own, and then only for ourselves.

Clearly we can see how Sutekh changed over the millenia, from a fertility and creator god, protector of the sunbark, to the most evil being which was known to men, and most likely the origin of the christian image of satan.

If Sutekh is a god or archetype is a personal question and answer, factualy we can ask where the difference is, as Carl Gustav Jung said about the psychoid archetypes, that they don't exist, but are true beings. Ok, that is maybe difficult to grasp in the start, but what Jung means, is that the psychoid archetypes don't realy exist, but men have created them from energy, named them, gave them power, characters and all, what we could expect from a god outside monotheisme, and as such they do exist.

Basicly we can state, that men used energy, formed it and then accepted these forms to stand above them as gods. For sure, these beings are powerfull, due to the millenia of devotion and prayers that were aimed to them, and empowered them even more. Energy, that we can use in rites or meditation, to project our own thoughts and desires to, and let them come to be.

As Sutekh is so old, it is a fact that he is a powerfull being / archetype and that he factualy came to life, to become the being we expected him to be. This explains the many forms people seem to find in him, as all of us, recognize something of ourselves in Sutekh, and this attracts us to him, just to discover, that we need to work on our own being, to overcome our limitations and grow, through him, whose name we have accepted, as part of ourselves.

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