Titles and more titles.

A recent question I received, is what my title is. Seemingly one can't walk on the left hand or sinister path, or there is a need for a title. Well, I don't have any. I don't belong to any "mainstream" line, but I walk my own path & feel good with this.

If I would need to call on a title, then I would state that I am a Sethian, meaning that I walk, or try to do so in the line of Sutekh. This is more then enough a title for me.

Ok, I agree, that its good for the ego to have a few titles, but factually I have more then enough of these. Mainly from the time, that I was ordained and consecrated in a traditional catholic church. Not only from my own church, did I get a few titles, but also from different other ones. And most of these titles are quite meaningless, more given out of ecumenical reasons, then really out of respect or in regard to any value they wish to give you. For the last, are worth something, since they are a sign that others value or respect you, for what you can, or who you are.

Next to the many titles, I also received the "Fountain of Honor", being the succession of knights, since the middle ages. This I factually find still more worth, because some of my predecessors where known occultists and I think this still to have some importance. Its lesser about the succession in itself, though I consider it to be valid, but we could consider it, as a transfer of energy over a period time. Especially since the late 1800 more occultists appear in this line, and its just great to be part of that.

Its also the only thing I hope to continue in a certain way, no longer in service to the christ, but as a tool for a deeper working in my own possibilities and towards transformation. And maybe in a kind of Sethian Knighthood.

In the end transformation is the main goal, I don't belief that any power outside myself, can aid me in my quest. We have to attune ourselves to the energy we find in the universe, the deities or archetypes we follow, to grow past the limitations we got from our culture, parents, schooling and so on.

As such I hope to be or become a true follower of the Left Hand Path, to wear the Black Flame of Sutekh in my heart, so that it may make me equal to that what I follow, for I have taken His name as a part of myself, and that is the main point for me.

In this titles are useless, it can be nice to have them, but they don't bring anything extra towards our workings or goals. We must strife to become a liberated person, free from religious hypocrisy and towards our own god being.

Only this can be a worthy thing to strife to. As it can change ourselves, from going with the flow, to someone who makes his own path. We need no great things of the world for this, but it can be nice to have a great house, a wonderful partner, etc.

Factually we must fill this in, for ourselves. What we find important in life, being it a thing of the world, or our own spirituality, we can and need to strife for it.

We know where the way begins, but not where it ends, but all that walk this path, I wish they may find the outcome of their wishes and hopes, so they can live their life to the fullest.

For me, this path has come forward in dedication to Sutekh, my mirror on the path and my source of power. Its my angle towards the universe, and it deepens every day, I work with and towards Him. As such my most honored title is that of Sethian.


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