On the road to divinity, some history.

We have grown so accustomed with the idea of self divination or illumination, that we usually think, this is a more modern idea, but this isn't so, though only in our days, its open to the masses, or better said, the selected few.

Many may hear the call, only few finally do get to the endpoint. Selection isn't done by men, but by nature and the force(s) behind it.

Some start with much push, but soon are drawn to other goals. Others aren't convinced of what they receive, and are lost in the mist of their own illusions or right handed path lies. Only few grow past their limitations, and reach the end goal, to become a god, or devil (As Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey would say). But there is hope, because more and more are called on this path, so in the end, also the numbers of those that succeeds increase .

Is this path factually something new, or does it goes back into history? For those that study the more ancient beliefs, it will be clear, that the path has always existed, but that it was kept secret and mostly open to the God Kings of old and their high-priests.

One of these, being the Egyptian way, I want to look into some detail. Its not surprising, that I mention this road, as ancient Egypt, has always been important for me, somewhat the red line in my life.

If we look to the Old kingdom, we see how the Kings where more then human, they where the go-between for their people, towards the gods. It was in the name of the king, that all the priest did their offerings and rites. And after dead the king would go to the realm of the gods, to become one of them and protect the land of kezmet (Egypt) for ever.

Even as they walked among men, the kings where more then humans, they already had a divine status and where seen, as the living representation of Horus, to become after dead, equal to Osiris. Was this just a lot of mumba jumba, a few elaborate titles, or was there a deeper thing to be found?

For those who walk the occult path, it is rather clear that in the early period of Egypt, and later on from time to time, the kings indeed reached a divine status in life, they grow past their limitations, to walk the path of self illumination and become a god after the image of those, they followed.

Important in this, was living the archetypes or gods of On (Heliopolis). They needed to go through each aspect of these, taking them in to their very essence, so to grow past their limitations. The exercises they used, held working with the chakra's and kundaline in, but also reaching deep in themselves to find any blockade and go through it, not with a soft brush and lot's of white fluffy light, but with a sledge hammer and the reflection of their darkest inner self.

Though most remained in the line of preservation and following the Horus (Shemsu Heru), some openly chose to surf the chaos and chose for the path though Sutekh. This is the line, I myself follow and even if its some times very difficult to remain upright, while surfing the chaos, the rewards are so great that, for me there is no alternative.

Working with the energy of the chakra's wasn't anything new for me, as I taught courses in this for several years under the name of Egyptian Healing, but I left the right handed path, and chose to live for myself, my desires, my wishes, in such dedicating myself totally to Sutekh, how ever I see or experience Him.

Piece by piece other elements joined, to show me a personal path and how to proceed on this. I wish to share this insight/ knowledge with those who are interested, and slowly but certain parts will be placed on this blog.

Basically it are all easy techniques and exercises, nothing difficult, but of course they needsome practice, to get used to them, so if you wish to reach divinty or illumination in five minutes, maybe another way to the Left Handed Path will work better for you.

Meanwhile may all who walk in the night of Sutekh, feel his blessing and become one of body and soul (Our inner self) with Him.

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