Chakra's and sexuality.

Seemingly, my previous upload to this blog raised some questions. Or at least, this can be concluded from the feedback that I received. it's clear that many interested are known with chakra's and energy workings, but strangely enough connect it, with abstinence of sex and a sober live.

This isn't fully correct, we do see that in countries, where these teachings are common, many hold back on daily life, and turn to an almost monastic path, but let us state clearly, there is no need for this.

Though many " holy" books state, that you have to live clean and pure, I say this is bullshit. We fill in how we live, not one or the other person, who claimes that he or she got their position of god, usualy the monotheistic version of Abraham. We in the end are our own god or devil, there is no need to bow down and crawl in the dust.

Sutekh rewards those that stand strong, not those that fall to earth in worship. If we want to honor Sutekh, we must live after his image, go the path he took and absorb his deeds in our life, or at least those that we are drawn to.

So it is also with sexuality, feel free to practice which sexual interest you may have. As long its between two adults, who willingly come together & doesn't harm any one else, for example children or animals, its ok.

And practicing your sexuality can be a part of chakra and energy working, I see no reason, why the two can't go hand in hand. This is the path called sometimes wet tantra, using your sexual energy to work the chakra's and their energy. How many times, you do this, you need to fill in for your self. But don't forget to enjoy some good sex.

Using this energy in a tantric way, is good, but like a magical working, don't overdo it. Any working must come your inner self and be dedicated to raise your self, do magick, honor Sutekh or anything else, but only when you realy work from the inner out, it will go towards it goal. There is no use, to do any working, handling the chakra's or a sexual working, if you don't feel up to it.

We are not obliged to hold any kind of novena (nine days prayer), but do what ever we want, when we feel drawn to it, or up for it.

In any case, to return to my basic point for this post, working the chakra's, handling the kundalini and enjoy your sexual needs, can go hand in hand.

May in all that you do, there be growth for your self en honor to Sutekh, our benevolent Father.

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