The art of magick, being action and reaction.

Ah, magick, the word alone let hearts beat quicker, some in fear, others in joy. It is an art, that needs to be looked at and practiced with care. Not for the right hand path idea, that what you do, will return in threefold, but because if you don't use magick as it should, it will not work, or if you can't handle it, it will turn against you.

Basically the use of magick is simple, we take action, through an energy working, ritual or what ever, and aim toward a reaction, especially that what we want to get done. How exactly the art works, is something that we can discuss lengthy, but its better to use this time, to learn using the power of Magick, being the power of the universe and the gods/ devils or archetypes, that are our guiding light.

The first question that we need to put, is what the difference is between black and white magick? Well, I believe there is none. Nature doesn't know of black and white, these are subjective idea's created by men. To often I have seen white light groups use magick to obtain power or glory, and so called black light groups use it for healing.

So don't be bothered with trying to find out what colour of magick it should be, unless its the colour that fits you and your needs.

Another question that we can raise, is which power we need to use, that of love or hate. well, most of us will know, that the dividing line between these two is very thin. Factually the most powerful rites I did, were based on hate, and I can assure you that it didn't come back in threefold, as fluffy white lighteners claim. Lol.

For example, I remember a time, when I wanted to get even with a social club, where I helped out a lot, but suddenly I wasn't welcome any more. So when they had their annual BBQ, it was splendid weather, though the weather forecast said, some rain could fall during the day. I used the rite of destruction, found in the works of Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, and performed it with strength in mind and voice (loudly), and filled with hate.

The first hours there wasn't any reaction, but by the time, the food was ready, the sky turned dark and a thunderstorm ruined the clubs perfect day. I enjoyed it greatly and was glad to have had my revenge.

Another time, I was walking my dog and still needed a go a long distance, while a storm was quickly coming closer. In mind I sought contact with Sutekh, asking that the storm, would not hit us, till I was home. Though the wind started to blow and lighting flashed through the sky, not a drop of rain fell, till I was safely at home. And then it was as a flud came over the earth.

In obtaining items, it some times succeeded me, to buy things that I wanted for a very good price and in a (very) short period of time.

So I am convinced of the art and power of magick, which is nothing more then exercising our will over the elements around us, does work. Whether we use only our minds to send the energy out, or perform a ritual, this isn't important, but what counts is that we use a method that works for us personally.

I used to be very fond of rituals, most likely a remainder of my time as a traditional catholic priest, but turned again more towards simple energy working, which is a renewal of my earlier workings on this level.

Using a ritual that we don't like, or doesn't ring a bell for us, is meaningless. If you are not connected with what you perform, don't use it.  What ever way you use, be one with it and it shall radiate strongly from you towards the universe/ gods and bring you that what you desire.

If you have performed your working or ritual, see as if what you want, is already obtained and be joyful about it.

If you hesitated, or think it will not work, then you break down the energy and the result will fade. Also remember, small things are more easy to become, then something large, but in the end, measurements or importance isn't the main issue, but simply if you believe in it or not.

Never forget the power(s) that aide you in your working, be it gods, devils or archetypes. Be thankful for your connection with them, as I praise Sutekh, my personal angle to infinity.


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Reincarnation or collective unconsciousness?

Reincarnation or collective unconsciousness?

A question, that is also some what personal, as once I did believe in reincarnation, this was the time I found importance in white light movements and fluffy new age ideas. Meanwhile we have gone on in life and especially years have passed, time that I used to read and study. One of the people that is of great importance to me in this period, is Carl Gustav Jung.

His work is enormous, especially where he writes, about the (psychoid) Archetypes, our Shadow, the collective unconsciousness and lot's more. It did make me reconsider my point of view on matters, that I accepted earlier on, like reincarnation.

I was always drawn to ancient Egypt and mostly the time of the Pharao's Amenhotep III, Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), Tut-Ankh-Amun and Ai. This was so strong, that at that time, it was clear for me, I had lived in that period and was reincarnated. Always sounds good, maybe some good stuff for a movie, but that's all.

With studying Jung, and his writings, it became clear for me, that most likely I just glanced in the collective unconsciousness, where all the memories of mankind are collected and which also can be named as the Akasha chronicles.

In any case, it changed my insights, and was the start of a further quest to personal truth. Reincarnation maybe is interesting for those who are afraid of death, it is to many times used to hold the masses in line. In the west, we rather quickly talk about it, but in the east its a terrible something, it controls the lives of many millions of people, who can't escape the effect of it, and are just used by fraudulent people, who tell them, that they will have to suffer for many lives to come, before they will be enlightened.

Reason enough to take some distance  from all this, and take a more clear view. OK, I admit that what Jung brings forward, is also just a theory, but much more acceptable then what eastern religions want to make us believe.

For me its easy, dead is dead, no going to any fluffy paradise, or be reborn, we get one change to it, so make the best for it. Our soul (inner self) will not go to any afterlife. This idea is just used by, especially the monotheistic faiths, to keep men under their control. Be good, live according to their dictates and you will go, after death to paradise, your life will be one misery, but at least, you have the promise of eternal sitting on a cloud. Pity, that the words they speak, don't seem to have any meaning for these religious guys, as usually their own life isn't so nice. Something we can conclude out of the many scandals, in for example the Roman Catholic Church.

Well thanks, if that is our choice, then rather not. I prefer to enjoy my life here, according to my own believes and insights, and we will see what comes. Even if I don't believe (any more) in an afterlife, I know my memories and as such, maybe a part of who I am will remain in the collective unconsciousness, which you can also see as a kind of continuing. At least, for as long as you are remembered, once you are lost in the memories of men, the energy will fade away.

Maybe this explains, why people who remember previous lives, always claim to have been kings, princes, pharao's, popes, bishops and so on. As these persons are mostly remembered, their energy in the collective doesn't fade, but even gets stronger and is easier to reach.

In any case, we should consider twice before accepting any teachings by men, and aim toward the (Black) Light in our lives. I have found it in Sutekh. May in whatever form, it comes to you, guide you on your personal path to truth & wisdom. And above all, enjoy your life to the fullest, don't trust on the hollow stories of what comes after death.

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Chakra's and sexuality.

Seemingly, my previous upload to this blog raised some questions. Or at least, this can be concluded from the feedback that I received. it's clear that many interested are known with chakra's and energy workings, but strangely enough connect it, with abstinence of sex and a sober live.

This isn't fully correct, we do see that in countries, where these teachings are common, many hold back on daily life, and turn to an almost monastic path, but let us state clearly, there is no need for this.

Though many " holy" books state, that you have to live clean and pure, I say this is bullshit. We fill in how we live, not one or the other person, who claimes that he or she got their position of god, usualy the monotheistic version of Abraham. We in the end are our own god or devil, there is no need to bow down and crawl in the dust.

Sutekh rewards those that stand strong, not those that fall to earth in worship. If we want to honor Sutekh, we must live after his image, go the path he took and absorb his deeds in our life, or at least those that we are drawn to.

So it is also with sexuality, feel free to practice which sexual interest you may have. As long its between two adults, who willingly come together & doesn't harm any one else, for example children or animals, its ok.

And practicing your sexuality can be a part of chakra and energy working, I see no reason, why the two can't go hand in hand. This is the path called sometimes wet tantra, using your sexual energy to work the chakra's and their energy. How many times, you do this, you need to fill in for your self. But don't forget to enjoy some good sex.

Using this energy in a tantric way, is good, but like a magical working, don't overdo it. Any working must come your inner self and be dedicated to raise your self, do magick, honor Sutekh or anything else, but only when you realy work from the inner out, it will go towards it goal. There is no use, to do any working, handling the chakra's or a sexual working, if you don't feel up to it.

We are not obliged to hold any kind of novena (nine days prayer), but do what ever we want, when we feel drawn to it, or up for it.

In any case, to return to my basic point for this post, working the chakra's, handling the kundalini and enjoy your sexual needs, can go hand in hand.

May in all that you do, there be growth for your self en honor to Sutekh, our benevolent Father.

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