The essence of ritual.

Most practitioners of the Left Hand Path, will use or used rituals to influence the surrounding world, a working which we call magick. We can ask ourselves what the essence of a ritual is, and most likely will get very different responses to it.

Some will name the book with specific rituals, which they use, others will name candles, chalice, incense and so on. But only few will name the fact that you need to believe in what you are doing, because without the conviction that you can influence the elements around you, you will not focus your thoughts / mind, and accomplish nothing.

The most important element of any ritual or working is your brain or thoughts. If you really believe that your spirit can influence your life path and the elements needed to accomplish this, then factually you already took the main obstacle.

You can use a fantastic text, buy the most expensive tools, wine, incense & offerings, but without the basic faith, that what you do, will work, your success will be zero. Everything works or fails with what you accept for yourself.

If you believe in predestination, you can forget any use of magick or rituals, as you will block any success yourself. But if you accept that action equals reaction, then you have started a difficult way to live to your fullest.

Years ago I saw the movie "The Guru of sex", where a would be movie player acts as a guru and speaks about having and enjoying sex, and he states, that the most important in this is your brain, without this no fantasy or pleasure and factually the same goes for ritual or magick.

Your mind needs to build the ritual in advance. Belief that it works, focus your thoughts during the working and see the finished result coming your way. Then you have the perfect base for a successful ritual or working.

Do we in fact need rituals to furfill our desires? The answer is no, but it does help most practitioners to focus better, on what they wish to do, or want to get. You can do the same, without any ritual, but its a different way of working.

Through meditation, visualisation and energy working, we can get the same result. Which of the two is best, is up to you to decide, what matters is what works best for you. So experiment with both ways, and see what goes best for you.

I have been always very fond of rituals, got some very good results with them, but over time I turned towards working more with the essence of thoughts / energy.

In what ever way you accomplish your goals, see it as a way to live to the fullest on the path to self deification, after the image of Sutekh.

As such don't be afraid to do battle with elements of your past, most likely many things that you learnend and were said by your parents, family or tutors, no longer work for you and even hold you back, so get rid of them and accept in your life, that what makes you free and more powerful.

Sutekh is our guiding light, He Himself had to fight for his right to rule and be, who he is. May we become one with Him, so changing our path to our desires, to live as gods among men, in honor of Sutekh.

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