Wearing the mask.

Wearing the mask, it maybe seems a strange title and the question what it means quickly comes to mind.

Well, factually its an easy answer, namely how to contact the gods or archetypes, how really to become a vessel of these energies, how to wear the mask, that we become them, even for a short while? It remains a good question and everybody will have his or hers own way to do it.

We could turn to the old and newer grimoires to perform an elaborate ritual, but if it are only hollow words, there will not be much respons. If we really wish to reach into the abyss, or where ever we place the energies which we see as gods or archetypes, its usually better to turn to a simpler way. And instead of looking to the grimoires, I suggest you go further in time, to the animistic and shamanic rites.

In some way these have survived till today, or in the original culture, or through adaptions. One of the most favorite ways to contact the energies, is dancing. Not a tango or a waltz, but factually a wild dance. Some cultures formed a special style, while others let the participants of any rite free.

And as such this techniques factually survives to this day, not so much in the specific backgrounds, but in the present day clubs and disco's, where people of all kind give themselves over to the music and let all barriers flow away, even without realising that in a way they set a first step on a spiritual path.

It is only when we combine it with reciting the name of the gods or archetypes, that we put it into a deeper motion. Lets give an example, start dancing, first slow then always faster, meanwhile reciting the name of the entity, you wish to reach or visualize some part of the character of the being. Let the name of the entity not only live on your tongue, but enter you very being, feel how the power flows through your body, filling it totally.

Don't think of what you are doing, but feel. Open yourself to be one with the entity and invite it, so you will become the vessel for it, feeling its powers and reaching as such into the abyss, realm or universe.

Maybe you will think, that this all sounds good, but can we break the link whenever we wish? Well, if you trust an archetype or are being pulled towards an entity, your trust will not be misused. And when you are overtired, your body will take over again, even if you feel the entity in you, the link will be broken, though afterwards the contact will be stronger then before.

If you are not the dancing type, or you don't have the energy to maintain a dance for a longer period of time, you can also pick a more gentle way, namely just the reciting of the name of which ever being you wish to contact. Place yourself in a relaxed position, sitting down, in meditation position or what ever works for you and bring the name of the god of archetype into mind. Let it vibrate slowly and strong in your mind, feeling how this spreads itself through your body, once the name has been recited, do the same again and again. This will relax you and bring you into a meditative state of mind, where you open towards the energies, and allow them to flow through your body, becoming a part of you for a while.

As I am a master and practitioner of bdsm, I have noticed through time, that when people are deprived of their senses, for example with a blindfold and hearing protection, and this  for a longer period of time (More then 45 minutes), some start to see images, hear sounds, smell things or feel a vibration in their body. And I am convinced, that also in this way, you can reach into a higher or differently stated deeper realm. Remember Odin, who hung for nine days and nights on a tree, some say he sat in a leather bag, but in the end of his ordeal he reached supreme wisdom, through the runes that were revealed unto him.

Whatever way you choose, the goal is the same, to reach into the divine realm and contact which being you choose, and be open for the guidance and counseling of it. May which way you pick be rewarding and bring you to a deeper level of being, and as such become closer to the end goal, becoming one with the powers that created and maintain the universe.

As always, I pay homage to Sutekh, who guides me through many ordeals,  brings light on my path and shows me which way to go, to become stronger and to give honor to His Name. For I have taken His name as a part of myself and trust in Him to be my personal path to enlightenment.


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