Are we our own gods?

I received following question:

Do you believe we are our own gods? And if so why? If we are our own gods then why do we need Set, or a mask of Set, or any other Deity
for that matter?

My response:

The question is easy, did the gods create men, or vice versa.

My very personal view, as a spiritual atheist, is the last. At least in so far, that we name them, attribute them with powers, characters and more.

I do believe there is energy in the universe, that maybe is the origin of all that exists, but I think this is not a personal god, or even any god we can imagine. In the mythology of On (Heliopolis), it state that all came forth from an original ocean, called Nun. We could ask ourselves if this can be seen, as a vast energy, from where all developed?

Without Nun, nothing would have come to be, at least, if we follow the creation myth of On. For me this original water or ocean is the Abyss, which is so many times named in occult works and from where all comes forth.

From Nun, one god came forth, namely Atum, who further gave life to other gods, which in the end gave birth to Sutekh.

If Sutekh is a god or archetype is a personal question and answer, factually we can ask where the difference is, as Carl Gustav Jung said about the psychoid archetypes, that they don't exist, but are true beings. Ok, that is maybe difficult to grasp in the start, but what Jung means, is that the psychoid archetypes don't really exist, but men have created them from energy, named them, gave them power, characters and all, what we could expect from a god outside monotheism, and as such they do exist.

Basically we can state, that men used energy, formed it and then accepted these forms to stand above them as gods. For sure, these beings are powerful, due to the millennia of devotion and prayers that were aimed to them, and empowered them even more. Energy, that we can use in rites or meditation, to project our own thoughts and desires to, and let them come to be. One can state that we then need no outside forms, but directly use the energy. I do agree with that, but it’s difficult to aim towards an energy that has no shape, even if we see it in everything that exists. As such the forms we know as gods are a great help, to aim our workings and open doors to higher levels for us.

As Sutekh is so old, it is a fact that he is a powerful being / archetype and that he factually came to life, to become the being we expected him to be. This explains the many forms people seem to find in him, as all of us, recognize something of ourselves in Sutekh, and this attracts us to him, just to discover, that we need to work on our own being, to overcome our limitations and grow, through him, whose name we have accepted, as part of ourselves.

Even if I consider myself to be a spiritual atheist, I have a small shrine to Sutekh in my house, where I burn candles, incense & offer food and wine. For someone who doesn’t know me, they probably would think I am a Dark Pagan or Satanist.

Personally I have no problems with Theistic or Deistic people, let every one their own view and what we share in common, let it be our mutual path.

For I am not a master or teacher, just one who is searching through life & wants to share his views with others, so we may all learn in return.

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Sethianism & vampirism, a short contemplation.

Though we maybe wouldn't see it as such, walking the path of Sutekh is closely connected with a vampiric way of life. Above all the Sethian is a master of energy, to use to his or her own benefit and to handle as pleased.

In our modern days, the way of the vampire and the path of Sutekh are often seen as two different roads to walk on, but to the ancients this wasn't so. To much we are influenced by the monotheistic religions, which blur our sight and give us the idea that there is black & white, good & evil.

But as these are not objective points, we are invited, almost forced to re-examine our beliefs and how they work through and in us. If you want to walk a path of the ancients, and uphold beliefs that conflict with this, you are on the road to disaster. Or your work & study will be in vain, or it will have a total other outcome then wished for.

Sometimes I hear from people or groups, who study the ancient ways, that they keep them self to the historical material. Uh, ok. I can understand that one will look into the historical sources, but take them with a pinch of salt, or from time to time with a few pounds of it.

The historical sources are many times to contaminated with later elements or changed by writers, who didn't get the point & just filled in what they comprehended. If you want to follow an ancient path, then indeed first collect information from outside, study historical sourced, but also dig into yourself and what you feel in you.

In the end, its all about the personal contact, you will have with the archetype or deity, you wish to follow. Prayers from a few thousand years back, can be nice, but if you are not connected to it, don't use it. Let it come fourth from yourself, and as such it will be carried by your will.

But back to our basic point, namely Sethianism & vampirism. As the Sethian is a master of energy, it will not be surprising that he is also an active vampiric being. Obtaining energy should never be a point to a Sethian, or where to obtain it.

The rule that drives a Sethian is simple to state with the words of Aleister Crowley " Though as thou wilst", as a Sethian we are called to be rulers of our own path & as such the law of the strongest goes, rule or be conquered.

Be ruthless when necessary, but love with a deep passion those who are important to you, and never regret the actions you have taken. As a vampiric creature the Sethian has only one objective to survive, conquer & rule. Most of the time, we are not noticed among other men, we rule in the dark, being the power behind the throne.

But unmistakenly we are servants of Sutekh, masters of energy and a vampire. A thing we don't have to regret, but to be proud on, as it is a kind of aristocratic way, and even here, only the strong will survive.

Sutekh is not the easy lord to serve, He is very demanding & has a gentle side but also a very strict one. Think well before you take this route, but once drawn to it, it will furfill you completly or not.

Invite Sutekh in your life, feel how he awakens the sleeping part of you, that connects you with the ancient paths & stenghten you, to grow beyond yourself and your limitations. Don't hold back, but once invited, discover every aspect of being a Sethian & a vampiric being, it will benefit your greatly and show you new insights to continue your explorations of your Shadow self, and how to use this in your daily life, to obtain what you desire and how to come closer to Sutekh, becoming one in being with & through him.

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