Surfing the chaos.

Surfing the chaos, sounds a rather strange title for a blog, or even a personal expression on Left Hand Path Sethianism, but factually it's the result of your actions, at least if well aimed and directed through Sutekh.

Abrahamistic religions claim that the creation is in order, thanks to divine intervention, but if we look around us, we see a very different image. The world is not in order, and certainly our modern society looks like a badly organized anthill.

Our civilization comes closer to the chaos, which was so feared by the ancient Egyptians, and where so many sacrifices were done for in the temples, so that chaos wouldn't swallow up Egypt, but that the gods may grant it another day.

As a follower of Sutekh we welcome chaos in our lives, we call upon it in our rituals, for as all around us seems to go under in it, we raise above it, as such surfing the chaos and using it, to reach our goals.

We are not those who hold power in daylight, we are dwellers of the dark, masters of energy and rulers behind the throne. It is there, that the powers of Sutekh blossom greatly and reach us a great harvest and fortune.

For Sutekh is our first, last and only and with this I mean that he is our way to the Left Hand Path, however you see or consider him. being it a divine presence, a man who became god or an archetype, he is the way for each of us to walk.

If Sutekh doens't hold an important place in our lives, we deny our own divinity, for he is in us and we are in him.

A prayer/thought that I frequently use is the following:

"Life, Prosperity, Health, from the first and the last of thy children, the living and the dead, who are the eternal respresentation of thy being."

This one sentence say it factually all, Sutekh exists through us, as we find live in him. We, as humans, took mindless energy, shaped it into a form, that we now name, His Majesty Sutekh, and as such he has become for us a gate to reach the energy of the cosmos.

In all that you do, honor Sutekh, for through him, you find yourself and a divine being. Prepare well your rites and rituals, let them come from the heart, building a sacred temple and stairway in yourself, so you may become a vessel for him, that is not, but factually always have been, he will be you and you will be him.

While enjoying the fruits of our labour, we will glorify his name and as such our own, become after his image an immortal being, that will live and be young for all times.

May all your work on the Left Hand Path be fruitful and bring you abundance beyond comparison, so you may say always, Sutekh is the first and the last, the only one which show us, how to surf the chaos.


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