The power of ritual.

We can perform rituals for all kinds of reasons, but how hard we try sometimes, it just doesn't seem to work as we want. At that moment we question what went wrong, did we speak out the words wrongly, were the candles a wrong colour, did we use bad incense or are the gods/ archetypes angry on us?

The answer is factually very simple, you need to put power into your ritual to become a good result.

How do we do this? Well, in my view there are two main points to consider. First of all, you need to fuel your ritual, or as the ancient Aztecs would say; "You need to put a little heart into it."

Performing a ritual is usually to change something in our live, to attract or send away things, maybe even curse someone. As such we need to use the emotion(s) that lay at the base of our willing to fuel the ritual. In attracting a partner, we can use the emotion of lust out of our root or spleen chakra or if based on love from our heart chakra.

In finishing a relationship, or saying goodbye to someone, we can use the energy from our throat center and in cursing someone, we can use the energy from our solar plexus. The point is, that in each of these centers, we can find strong emotions, that can supply the energy to set up a powerful ritual.

What has this to do with Sutekh? Well the Ancient Gods/ Archetypes lived life to the fullest, they celebrated life, ate, feasted, fornicated. They didn't life a sterile life as for example many figures from the monotheistic religions, they enjoyed it, with all the emotions that it offered. As such we can step through the emotions from our state of being to that of Sutekh, which enlarges the energy we can contribute to the ritual, but also widens our inner contact to Sutekh.

A second essential part of the ritual is that whatever we wish to achieve, we must see it coming to us. If we doubt what the ritual can do, then our efforts will be in vain and even a loss of time and energy. Also performing a ritual several times, to hasten the outcome, can have a reverse effect. Once we send the energy out, we must trust in the result and let it come to us.

Do we need ritual to set the energy of the universe in motion? No, the same can be achieved through prayer, meditation, and many other ways. Putting a little heart into in, and trusting on the outcome are the main elements.

As such we seek contact with the energy of Sutekh, and through him aim towards the universe, to fulfill our most secret desire. And through Sutekh, we grow in ourselves, becoming gods after the image of Sutekh, reclaiming our heritage here on earth.


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