Evolution or de-evolution?

Evolution or de-evolution? The title supposes that this piece will have something to do with Darwin or the evolution theory, but sometimes looks can deceive. I don't want to enter in the never ending debate, if it's evolution or creation, that brought forth the universe and men as species. I think that most people who think independent of organised structures can make up their own mind about this.

And that is exactly where this piece is going, how far is man evolved. One would think, that with our modern knowledge of science, history and even the occult, people would question all and everything. In first order, that which others expect of us, to believe or except as the universal truth. In second order, the reasons why people demand that we uphold their truths and values.

In ancient time, people where tied to the temples and kings, but this was maybe a good point, as many of them wouldn't have been able to keep order in society or daily life. As time changes and people get to think for themselves, we see the first republics coming forward and one doubt openly the existence of the gods, and as such the priests and temples that represent these.

In time society evolved in a way, that many no longer needed others to think for them, they took the right for themselves and as such opened their minds towards the universe, archetypes, gods.

We would expect that this would rise to a high point in our days, but if we look around, we see a return to conservative religion, where the so called leaders, decide what you need to believe and think. And if we believe, that we are freed of that, we mostly are influenced by information which we see in papers, magazines and television. To often, we accept this all without thinking and just let it go over us.

As such we can question, if we are still evolving, or if a de-evolution has started? In other words, are we getting smarter or more stupid? Looking around in my home town, I must point out the second. Through their laziness people don't question anymore, they just accept what is said by politicians and religious leaders, while the first point of self illumination/ deification is questioning all that is said or teach-ed.

I can only hope that there are still enough people around, who really think for themselves, and dare to go against the current, as such creating their own truth and environment.

For me personally, it is clear, I have found liberation in Sutekh. His voice is to be heard in so many things around us, that it's impossible not to hear him, or we are deaf. If we open ourselves to his calling, we will find things beyond our imagination, a fullness of life and a path to self deification, in and through Sutekh's spirit.

And above that, for each of us, Sutekh creates a personal path. Even if we can share knowledge and experiences, the path is different for each of us, as such it is and remains a solitary path. Only in this way we can truly evolve and grow further in power and wisdom.

To all, who are on the dark pilgrimage to the Abyss I wish an open mind and a vivid contact with however they see their god, being it a divine being, archetype or a representation of the self.


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