The Power to be.

Power is a very important thing in our society, wealthy and influencel people wield it every day, to control the little world, they or their ancestors have build. Seemingly it is also a major thing in many occult and LHP groups or orders, where one is expected to bow for those who founded or control the group. Most of the time, this is done by people with high sounding titles, which all to much, they gave themselves. That there is a need for hierarchy in an order, I will agree on, but how far this has to go, is an open question, for each of us to answer.

For me personal, the LHP is a more solitary road, where we can meet up with others, but in the end make our own path, even if it's very similar to already known ones. For example, I have been influenced by several sources, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, Aleister Crowley, Carl Gustav Jung and others, from what they brought forward, I have taken parts and added to it, or see it in a different way, as such I create my own path.

The major element on this, remains Sutekh, who is also known as Set, Seth, Setesh, and many more names. The more I build a personal relationship with Him, I saw more elements come to be and how to use them in my daily life. Yet, I describe myself as a Dark Spiritual Atheist, but this doesn't hold me back from establishing something very valuable with how I see and experience Sutekh.

From Him, I do receive power, first of all to create my own life and from their out, my path, which brings me deeper to Him and workings through Him. The greatest power that he shows me, is the one to self-realisation/ deification. A path that doesn't need millions or influence to be tread upon, but those give us independence, which is of great worth in our present society.

As such Sutekh is for me, the power that transforms the chaos of daily life to an ordered and controllable situation. Even if I see him as an enormous energetic being, He is very real to me and like in meditation, He takes on a physical appearance, or better said I create it to my expectations and wishes.

This is for me "The Power to be", to be the one, that society doens't wish me to be, as I don't stand nicely in the lines the politicians and religious leaders create, but I stand at the far edge, going my own way through life, as well as I can build it, freeing myself from the hypocrisy from our present day civilisation.

It is this power, that each of us can find and use, for their own benefits and those which still are dear to us. I hope that many more may explore this path, to go their own way, under the guidance of the Dark Lord, however they see or experience Him. For my path goes through and with Sutekh, but for each of us the direction is different, the only thing we know, is where it has begun and we are open for what ever it may bring us, but the greatest gift is personal freedom on our way to self-realisation/ deification.

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