Role playing, part 1.

What is the first thing that comes to mind, if you read or hear the words; " Role playing."? I think that a majority of you will think of BDSM. Some minds will ponder of certain psychological methods, but only few, or even none will think of themselves.

Yet this is the greatest part of those who do role playing. From young age, our minds are molded to the will of our family, school & society in general. In fact, it has become very difficult, even almost impossible to be ourselves. We all to much act a part, which we are not.

How can we change this? First off all, recognize the elements in your life, which are not yours. Go against them, acting in a different way then people want us to do. Then end the habits, which you received from others and fill the spaces, with things that interest you and give pleasure to your life.

Living our lives in service of others, is in my view a wasted life. You can care for people, help them on their way, but we may never forget the most important person in our lives, namely ourselves.

Personally I have lived a large part of my life in service to others, accepting their views as my own, till I discovered the Left Hand Path and my connection to Sutekh. It is in him, that I re found elements of my life, which I considered to be lost, or impossible to reach.

For each of us, there is an opportunity to live our own lives, to our standards and moral insights, do not accept those of others, because it's easy or it's expected from you. Look for your own path and live life to the fullest, even if this means that you walk alone on the world, it can be a more fulfilling life then when we are in bondage to others. Non of us are meant to be servants, once you have tasted the freedom of the Left Hand Path, there is only one way, and that is towards mastery.

Becoming a master of our own life, and through that pursue the elements, that makes us grow in every way and on every level.

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