Role playing, part 2, the shamanic experience.

If I write that role play has an important role in many religions, many of us will think of an example of it, taking on the role of a god or goddesses maybe comes to mind, but if I state that it is also of great importance in animistic and shamanic experiences, some of us, maybe will be lost.

First of all, we need to look at mankind in general, and we can state, that from the very beginning, man has looked for explanations of how things works, and as they didn't have an insight in the laws of nature, they brought forward myths and legends, which became parts of later so called holy writings.

Mankind is from the inner nature out, drawn to a mystical search, of how things work and how we can use it to our benefit. It is a pity, that items, that were created my men, to explain how everything works, in the end lead to causing them fear and bring them bondage, once organised religion came forward.

I think we all agree on one point, that we don't need no intermediary to speak for us, but that we all can grow towards, how we see the divine. That what we have gotten back after long struggle, namely the freedom of self realisation, was common to the very early people, who dwell-ed over this world.

They felt themselves connected with all that surrounded them, and they lived in a balance with nature. Later on, the first different degrees came forward, as mankind started to live together and was on route to living in groups, which later on turned to villages and cities. Meanwhile empires rose and disappeared and this meant that knowledge spread ed itself over the world, and influenced religion. But it brought us further of the origin, where man was his own god and walked with the powers of the universe. Only in isolated locations, groups were still connected with this original path, till in the 19é and 20é century.

We all have in us the path to a self mastery, and going in contact with the powers of the universe. All we need to do, is dig in us, release any elements that hold us back and open ourselves to the power of the universe, however we see it.

If we feel a special connection with a certain god/ goddesses or archetype, aim yourself on it. Visualize how the powers, qualities of this being come to and in you, connecting you both on a deeper level, see yourself as a copy or print of what ever you call, in such becoming it. We are not divided of the divine, or powers of the universe, but are a part of it. As such it's not blasphemous to call ourselves gods and goddesses. We are a part of that which we call upon and bring into our lives. We can see this as a shamanic experience, when they travelled towards the ancestors or gods. We can see it as a kind of possession, which in many cultures is a positive thing, only organised religion opposes it, as being evil.

Evil and good, black and white are subjective words, based upon from which background, education or culture you come forward. What is ok for one person, is evil to another one, and vice verse. Do not be afraid to open yourselves to the powers of the universe, by whatever name these are known to you, but strive to become a part of it, as such you will rise above the daily struggle of life and open a door to unknown possibilities.

Of course, don't expect this to be achieved in one day, or overnight, it can take a while before you can open yourself to whatever being or power you call upon, but if you keep believing in it, it will be successful.

You and only you decide on what you aim, being it an ancient god or goddesses, and archetype, whatever feeds your connection with the universe on a deeper level. Others maybe won't agree with you, saying that you play with demons, but remember that the gods of old have very different ways then for example, the monotheistic religions. You must follow your own path, free of any meddling of others, even if this are your next of kind. it will be worth it, of this I am certain. And as such you go on one of the most ancient paths, known to men, being the call that so many animistic and shamanistic people have discovered fruitfully, through accepting the role of the beings they believed in, they brought these elements in themselves and in the world, creating their own world and ways of view.

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Role playing, part 1.

What is the first thing that comes to mind, if you read or hear the words; " Role playing."? I think that a majority of you will think of BDSM. Some minds will ponder of certain psychological methods, but only few, or even none will think of themselves.

Yet this is the greatest part of those who do role playing. From young age, our minds are molded to the will of our family, school & society in general. In fact, it has become very difficult, even almost impossible to be ourselves. We all to much act a part, which we are not.

How can we change this? First off all, recognize the elements in your life, which are not yours. Go against them, acting in a different way then people want us to do. Then end the habits, which you received from others and fill the spaces, with things that interest you and give pleasure to your life.

Living our lives in service of others, is in my view a wasted life. You can care for people, help them on their way, but we may never forget the most important person in our lives, namely ourselves.

Personally I have lived a large part of my life in service to others, accepting their views as my own, till I discovered the Left Hand Path and my connection to Sutekh. It is in him, that I re found elements of my life, which I considered to be lost, or impossible to reach.

For each of us, there is an opportunity to live our own lives, to our standards and moral insights, do not accept those of others, because it's easy or it's expected from you. Look for your own path and live life to the fullest, even if this means that you walk alone on the world, it can be a more fulfilling life then when we are in bondage to others. Non of us are meant to be servants, once you have tasted the freedom of the Left Hand Path, there is only one way, and that is towards mastery.

Becoming a master of our own life, and through that pursue the elements, that makes us grow in every way and on every level.

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