Spiritual atheism.

Spiritual atheism, it sounds more like a contradiction, then anything else. How can one be spiritualistic and atheist at the same time? Well, before things get to complicated, let’s clear it up.

Basically, atheist don’t believe in any kind of god form whatsoever, they renounce the idea of a creator god or goddess all together. Spiritual atheist on the contrary do believe there is a power in the universe, but that it isn’t a personal power, as seen for example in the monotheistic religions. They do except that we are all connected through this power and that everything in the universe holds this power in itself. We could compare it with “The Force”, from the Star War movies, that isn’t anything new, but has been found through history in many forms and different names.


Many spiritual atheist, believe that one needs to strife towards goodness for all mankind, in the opposite we find those, who sometimes call themselves Dark Spiritual Atheist, by that showing, that they follow a stricter line, close to the Left Hand Path, or atheistic Satanism, as brought forward by Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, as such representing the Light and Dark side of the Force.


Of course, light and dark, black and white are subjective terms. What is good for me, can be bad for you, and vice versa. It all depends, on our backgrounds, the values that we received and what society puts forward as acceptable, and most of the time what our religion accepts as right and wrong.

As early man, didn’t ponder over such facts, basic animism, early Shinto and as such spiritual atheism, doesn’t put much rules ahead, we could state, that it’s more a rough or basic law of nature. Animals don’t kill for fun, but only to survive, protect their territory and food. Else they protect their own group and make sure that the species can continue. The few points that I mention here, are not the sum mum, but more an example of what one can find in early god thought. Mankind may have reached a high level of civilization, or such we think, because under the varnish of our culture, we stand closer to the primordial man, then we could imagine.

That is maybe the reason, why so many are drawn to a more spiritual or naturalistic way of life, free from the rules and dogma’s put forward by monotheistic religions, especially those who see themselves as brought forward by Abraham. In what is now rediscovered, man finds himself in union with nature and through that with the whole universe. In this understanding there is no natural and supernatural, all is part of one and the same, the powers that caused all to come forward, are part of us, even if we don’t realize it, or they are dormant.

As a spiritual atheist one can work through the “psychoid Archetypes” which we find in the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung, towards personal deification or contact with how ever we see the gods or goddesses. In this manner we can develop a personal touch to older ways which, as mentioned earlier on, we can find in basic animism and early Shinto for example.

Being a (dark) spiritual atheist, doesn’t mean that we can't hold to a form of prayer, rituals or offerings, but more that we will work towards nature, the archetypes, gods and goddesses, on a very personal manner and above all, without a necessity for any priest or mediators between us and the powers of the all. Each can and will look for a specific viewpoint and in this mix of different thoughts, there is a basic common ground, which even without a community to fall back on, can give us the global feeling of it.

It is an interesting point to ponder on, and in the end it’s up to each of us, to see what to do, how to proceed and incorporate it in our lives. May it be for each of us fruitful and give depth into our lives, on a spiritual as worldly plane.

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