Immortality through the collective unconciousness.

In many religions and philosophies the question what comes after death, is one of the main points of discussions. Through history almost every civilization has brought forward a response or probable answer to this question.


As a (Dark) Spiritual Atheist I do not believe in most of the possibilities brought forward by religious communities, but I must admit that I do believe in a kind of further existence. For this I rely on a few basic points, first of all the laws of physics and secondly the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung.


In the law of physics, we find a theory/ law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. In a system there is conservation of energy, which means that energy remains indefinitely, but can change form.


Carl Gustav Jung teaches us, that in the collective unconsciousness all that happens is stored as in an archive, something that we can see as the Akasha records, of even a kind of world soul. Though Jung states that in the unconsciousness this energy is a-personal, we can see a possibility to go from a random storage of memories, idea’s and thoughts of a person to the creation of a psychoid archetype, a.k.a. a archetypal deity, which is described by Jung as being an entity which exist in the psyche, but also in the world at large, which means that these beings are and are not.


Maybe best to use an example to explain, what I am stating. A man is born into a simple family, he has no power, no influence, but becomes known as a hero, a great scientist, occultist or so. During his life all that he does and thinks is stored into the collective unconsciousness and after he dies people start to remember him, they talk about what he did, what a wonderful person he was and as such they start creating an archetype, they send energy towards the non personal storage of the man’s deeds and life, freeing this from the remaining records in the collective unconsciousness and raise him up to be a psychoid archetype/ archetypal deity.


If only remembered by a few people this likely will not happen, but the more people that remember or think of him, the more chance there is, this process will happen. If thousands or ten thousands remember the person, his non personal form in the collective unconsciousness is not only freed, but can also reach a god like status. We don’t speak of the god image of the monotheistic systems, but those of pre-Christian times.


Best we can bring this together in one simple rime, which I recently wrote down for my face book profile: The heroes of old seem to be gone and cold,  but as we sing the lore of their glory, they live for evermore, telling the way to go, for all to show.”


Another example. In the first dynasties of ancient Egypt, it was widely believed and accepted that only the kings, who were seen as descendants of the gods, could remain alive after death, when they changed their forms and went to live with the gods in the sky, protecting from there the land of Kemet (Egypt). And factually it’s easy to understand this, if we see it against the theory of Carl Gustav Jung, as after death the kings were remembered, they offered food and drink to them, and as such sended energy towards the collective unconsciousness, raising these kings from mortals to archetypal deities.


Only with the demise of the Old-Kingdom this practice changed, and one started to accept that higher nobles would live on after death and through time, this was brought to common man.


In the 18th dynasty we have pharaoh Akhenaten, who brought forward, that none could live after death, then through him, as he was the only one, who had the Aten, which he raised to being the only god, in his heart. Again we can see parts of what Jung described in this.


I know that some groups, who follow the path of the Order of the Nine Angles accept that some people as such, broke free from being mortal and became a dark or archetypal god.


Whatever may be, it is interesting to ponder on, and decide for ourselves what we wish to accept and how to form our lives, not giving control to others, and their indoctrination.

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