Working with the archetypes.

More and more we hear about the archetypes, or at least it seems as such, as it’s already an old concept, which has brought forward more through Carl Gustav Jung. The archetypes are seen as an ancient or primordial form or image, for example the mother, the king, the warrior, the healer, the priest, the creator, the sage, etc.. The list can go on and on. Most of these archetypes are used, whenever we speak of a role model, a set image of a task, or what society has made of it.

Though this all may sound a bit too far from daily life, the archetypes do influence what we do, or better said, what we can do with them. Whenever moving into a new step in our lives, we can fall back on these ancient form, to aid us. Most of the time, this happens unconsciously, while we prepare ourselves to take a new path in life, which can range from starting a new job, becoming a mother, changing religion, etc. the possibilities are factually numerous, and only end with what you permit yourself to accept or belief.

If you are starting a new project, or taking a next step in life, and you are nervous or scared about it, look up which archetype resembles what you wish to do, or comes closest, then meditate or do a visualization on it. Try not only to imagine how the archetype would present itself, but also how it acts and reacts to certain matters it’s faced with.  If anything valuable is found, why not use this to your advantage? It’s not just a copying, but making it your own. Maybe you will use certain things which you see or experience in meditation/ visualization, but when you start using them for you, you will change it for your specific need.

Ok, this theory may sound good, but how to use it practically? Well, let us look at a few examples.

A women is expecting a child, she is nervous, as it’s here first. She got a lot of advice on what to do, but it didn’t really help her. While she goes through books and reads whatever she can on the internet, she is making an unconscious connection with the primordial mother, she starts making connections, she didn’t see as first, and slowly but certain, she becomes prepared for her time of labour.

A priest, just freshly ordained, is worried, will he perform his office in a good way? He reads about the life’s of well known priests, he takes in him what they did and how they did it, and he molds it into a form for himself, as such preparing himself for his duties.

A man is setting his first steps on the magickal level, he wants to do a ritual, but doesn’t know how best to perform it. He looks on youtube for video’s others posted, while performing rituals, he looks into some text examples, and slowly but certain, he sees the ritual developing in his mind. With that he is taking the first step, he is living the ritual in him and already giving it power. It is as laying the foundation stone for the coming work.

An actor is asked to play a role, he has never done before. It’s rather scary, as it’s something completely fresh. He reads what the part is about, what and who the figure he is playing is, how he acts and why. As such he is getting a deeper sight in his role, maybe he will see how to use elements he already knows, in a new way, combining skills in another form. Factually becoming the person, he is asked to play.

It still may sound a bit ambitious, but the only thing holding you back, to reach what you want, is yourself. If you are open for new challenges, prepare for them, except them as a part of yourself, you have already crossed the threshold, which usually is the hardest step to take. It’s like learning a language, sometimes it seems so difficult, but that is because we often stay thinking in our mother tongue, while trying to speak the new language. The same goes for changes in our lives. Too often we are comfortable in what we are, or what we are doing, but sometimes we need to take a step in the dark, without challenges no growth can be reached.

May whatever your path brings you, it be fruitful and great, and confirm that this is something you have reached, you have build. It’s a wonderful experience, that will build your self-trust and self-respect, and lay the foundation for even more wondrous things to come your way.

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