Dualism is the essence of existence.

Dualism is the essence of existence: Everything requires for its existence its own opposite, or else it fades into nothingness. (C.G.Jung)

There can be no light without darkness, no good without evil, no existence without death. If we desire to be whole, we must accept and embrace our own darkness, and realize that there is no absolute good or evil. All is just how the individual sees and experience this, based on their education, religion and culture.

Too much our view on things gets colored by what we are taught, we don't question enough what people tell us & just accept others ideas as being correct. Sometimes that leads to some strange situations, for example a pagan group which resembles more a liberal xtian gathering than anything else. It’s strange that people who wish to return to a more nature based religion, don’t study much on it, they usually read a few books, maybe join a local group and voila they are self proclaimed pagans. That what they believe or accept is a mish mash of all kind of things, of which paganism probably will be a very small part, they don’t even care. They were initiated by this or that person and so what they learned must be correct. Sad, sad, sad, trying to free oneself from one taught patron, and accepting another one, which resembles the first. As such there is no evolution, no growth, no progress.

There is no need to copy what existed a few hundred or even thousand years ago, but it’s valuable to study a bit, so one knows about background, culture and how this worked in its whole. As such there is at least some historical value. Pagan or new age groups, which declare that we have reached the new golden age, where all people will live in unity and will become spiritual beings, need a touch with reality. They just copy monotheism and try to sell it as a new enlightment. That just doesn’t work. It’s trying to say there is only goodness in the universe, which is utterly wrong.

The universe and all that exists is neither good or evil, its neutral, only mankind colors it, depending on its background. Good & evil, right & wrong are no objective points of view, they are subjective ones. Mankind is not the ultimate being from creation, it’s just another animal, more successful for now then other animals. In fact, man is more cruel then other animals, who will mainly fight or kill to defend its territory. Other animals don’t store more food as necessary and they have no greed, jealousy, etc.

Under the banner of civilization mankind has hidden its true nature, its shadow, because it’s not in agreement with monotheistic religion, manmade laws, etc. As such mankind is creating a dangerous situation, pushed away feelings and frustrations are building up pressure and sooner or later they burst forward, usually in acts that look barbaric to modern society. But is that society so far removed from being beasts? And I especially use the term beast, creating a difference as such with the other animals. It is high time that we challenge a lot of our accepted agreements and restore our true nature, which will be more balanced and most likely could lead us to a better build society. But for that we need to accept that there is light and dark in each of us, and that to be whole, we must live out both parts. That at least if we hurt no other creature by it. It can be a difficult path, but in the end it’s a rewarding one, as it will liberate us of lots of unnecessary baggage and give us new insights how to continue.

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Vibrations, dimensions and time travel.

In order to understand this article, which are only some lose thoughts which I have, its important to first look into the issue of matter. Matter seems to be a dense material, rocks, wood, water, but even animals all have a density, but is this really so, or are we looking at the issue from a wrong point? Do we only see a density, because we can't see a deeper aspect, which tells us that all what exists is energy, vibrating in its own frequency and as such taking a form which we describe, but in the end is just the external expression and not the hidden one.

If we could start from the point that everything is energy, even man, we would set a whole new boundary which could propel us years ahead. Pity enough mankind to often need scientific proof of something, if this can't be given, what you say is seen as pseudo science.

So let us for discussion, just accept that everything is energy, vibrating on its own frequency, we can ask ourselves what would happen if we could change this vibration to a higher or lower frequency. In how much would it influence our human form, or even our world? Or would we even be able to change our human form in another one, a more energetically?

Are other dimensions really far away from us, or are they all around us, just vibrating on another frequency and because of that unreachable for us, in our present state of being? And if so, did man ever posses the ability to alter his own vibration and visit these dimensions? Or vice versa, did beings of these dimensions visit us and influence our history? Is this an explication for some historical problems, which we still can't explain? For example why some civilizations rose from nothing to greatness in a short period?

And if we would be able to change our frequency and visit other dimensions, even create them, would it also be possible to use a similar method to travel through the past, becoming observers or even creators of our own history?

I agree, this sounds more like something for a science fiction movie or a book, but what if we would start thinking outside the box, which science makes us believe? I am not saying we need to stop believing what scientist have discovered and have taught us, but that maybe their work and theories aren't yet complete, because they can't accept another view then theirs. I personally believe that science and the occult are no opposites of each other, but that they can go hand in hand, exploring certain paths much further and deeper.

In mythology and history we sometimes come in touch with unexplained things, which are easily swept aside by scientist as pure symbolism or hallucinations. Points of uneducated and barbaric people some would say, but is this truly so, or do we need to admit that some civilizations were much further then we, at least on some points?

Certainly its an interesting thing to ponder on. One point we can be sure of, never accept that someone teaches you something, stating this is the one and only truth. Challenge it, investigate it so far you can and decide for yourself what is the most likely answer. If no one ever had done this, we probably were still living in caves, but because so many tried out new things, challenge accepted values mankind has grown. And maybe by turning our thoughts to energy, how it works and changes, maybe that can bring us to a new dawn.

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