A further look into vampirism.

Many times I hear people say, whenever the subject of vampirism is mentioned, I don’t need to drink blood or steal energy of other humans. Yet they forget, that they factually steal the life of many other creatures, as whatever we take as food, must be killed first, even if its meat or plants. Mankind can’t survive without nourishment we receive of other beings, we may describe it as proteins, fats and others, but in the end it comes to the point that it is energy in one form or another.

Those amongst us, who still grow their own food, being it vegetables, fruits or animal products, are closer connected with this source of life. Most of us go to the shop and buy prepared products, which usually don’t taste as good, as the ones which we grow ourselves, but also are lesser in nourishment value, as they are grown in optimal conditions. For example a home grown tomato, or one which comes from a normal, non biological farm show a big difference, a home grown tomato will have lesser water and more taste.

As our hectic times don’t allow us to work so much in the garden anymore, or we don’t see a need into it, as shops provide everything we seek and for low prices. And of course many people don’t even have a garden anymore, so it became impossible for them, to grow anything, expect maybe in a few pots.

Those who still grow their own food are more connected with the cycle of life, how plants grow from seedlings to food and those who still have life stock, know what it takes to produce enough eggs, milk and meat.

But in the end its all energy, like Tesla said, if you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration. What we see as matter, is basically energy in a solid form, if it would vibrate more, then its form would change. A simple example, water can change in ice or gas, depending on how much its frequency and vibration is.

Whatever we eat will be broken down to its most essential elements that feeds (give energy to) our body. Some of us are more connected to energy forms, as for example those who can accept and use energy from plants and trees, or even of the universe itself. How many people don’t enjoy a fierce thunderstorm, and feel totally different afterwards. And think of the stories, myths of people who don’t take any food anymore, but say that they receive their sustenance from the universe or divine (however they see it) immediately. In every myth there is a basic truth, we just need to look for it.

But back to the point, vampirism. People who are vampires feel a shortage of energy, which can result in all kind of problems and diseases. Their only way to reach the energy they need, is to get it from other people, some will prey on others (consciously or unconsciously), others will work with donors, which give willingly of their own energy for the vampires need. Only then the vampire can reach full potential and overcome the limitations they meet in daily life. Vampires often can’t get enough energy from ordinary nourishment, because they need enormous quantities or because it hasn’t the necessary vibration/ energy for them, so they need it to get it from other people. Basically it’s just a way of life, vampires evolved in that way and can only stay “alive” if they do this. For those that have gone through awakening, they know it’s a hard process, and an enormous challenge. Not only do they need to adapt to who they are, they also need to work with this way of being. So don’t condemn those which came to this path, even if you don’t agree with it.

Of course many elements which are being said about vampires are makeup tales of fiction and Hollywood, though some elements are correct. Vampires are often night beings, they can live and work in day time, but it feels strange for them, and it usually limits them. Some will drink blood, though it’s just a small amount and they normally only take if from donors. Recent scientific research has proven that older mice which receive blood plasma from younger mice, see improvements of their health, it makes them stronger, smarter and healthier. Scientist are now expanding this research further to people. The same can be accomplished by receiving energy from a donor, there are many techniques available on the net, that I don’t go further into this here.

But for those that have awakened, and accept they are vampires this isn’t anything new, it’s a part of who they are, so before judging people about their way of being or beliefs, look at all sides of the story. Be critical and open for new and wondrous elements.

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