Remain in your strenght.

In daily life we can go through a multitude of feelings, which can uplift us or bring us down, it seems that for many people in the world, it’s hard to find a balance, a fixed point from where they can work and live. Basically it’s what religious leaders and politicians want, because the more our feelings go from one side to another, the more vulnerable and influenceable we are. It is for each of us a task to find your own inner point of strength, from where you draw your power, and which even in the most difficult of times will keep you going.

It can be the power of the universe, of god (however you see this), or the own strength. In times of trouble and emotions let this power flow through you, recognize your own energy and let it flow through your whole being, not just your body and mind, but through every molecule and atom which is a part of you. Know that in this you are in control, you are master, no one else, unless we give them power and control over it. Don’t do this, stand up for yourself from your point of energy. Round us a storm may blow, but if we are in our point of energy, we will harness the energy of the storm to overcome this.

It doesn’t come easily, but if you practice, the chaos may rage around you, and you will be surfing it’s waves, whatever may happen or come, we are energy, connected with all what is around us, once you are aware of this, there will be no difference between you and the all, use that power and strife forward, for your own good, for that of mankind, if you so desire. But let no one ever disconnect you of your point of energy, if they desire to do so, it’s for their own and false reasons, they wish to use and misuse you, never become a sheep in search of a leader, but be the shining example for others, so they can see what they can accomplish and go their own path. If someone sees in you a master, destroy that image, but teach them how to walk the path of the master themselves, you can be a guide, but each of us, needs to go the path on our own way.

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