Tribal dance for modern times.

Probably we have all seen a person or group perform a kind of tribal dance, and maybe we have been wondering what place it still has in these modern times. Well, first of all its not only a part of history, but above all of the culture which brought it forth, it’s a part of the identity of a nation or people, who and what they are, can be put forward through the dance they do. Pity enough some make a show for it, for paying tourists, thinking that they do good with it, but if one isn’t connected with the stories or mythology that brought forward these dances, it is just an empty shell, it represents nothing then love for money.

Tribal dance didn’t come into existence, because people where bored and wanted to amuse themselves, they tell an intrinsic story and replay the history of those who perform it. Every moment, each word can have a deep and profound meaning. Even if we learn to do these to perfection, but are not connected with the content then it’s just a bad performance, it holds no spiritual value.

When watching tribal dance we can feel the energy, the presence of the ancestors or gods in what the dancers bring forward, it’s a way to get connected to another state of being, being one with the all permeating life force around us.

One can wonder if this still has value in our modern way of life, or if it is a part of history, which we only repeat? Well, it certainly still has a place and value in our life, as we can see it as a way of meditation, ritual or spiritual exercise. One form is certainly known to us, namely the Haka, which comes from New Zealand.

So am I proposing that you all learn a kind of tribal dance to perform? No, I am not. What I want to bring forward, is that if this kind of expression attracts you, you can use it to form a own way of performing a haka/ tribal dance, in which you can place the elements of your own spirituality. It doesn’t have to be a long or elaborate dance, it can be a short version, which you perform in a few minutes, what is important, is that you put those elements in it, which empower you or connect you with how ever you see the universe/ gods/ ancestors/ archetypes. As such it can become a powerful tool for you. One can form different dances for different goals, or one general which can be used for several goals, that depends on what you seek or desire.

Think about it, a most common excuse that we hear why people don’t exercise their spirituality, is that they find no time for it. Yet, we need no long and difficult rituals, sometimes it’s better to use a short working, in which we can place all our emotions or feelings to fuel it. As such we can always find time to use it, if we only need a few minutes each time, we can perform it at the beginning or ending of a day, when we want to reach something, or if we desire anything. If you find obstacles on your path, deal with them and as such grow in strength and wisdom, you are the creator of your own destiny. Other can show you the path, only you can walk it.


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