The power of ritual.

We can perform rituals for all kinds of reasons, but how hard we try sometimes, it just doesn't seem to work as we want. At that moment we question what went wrong, did we speak out the words wrongly, were the candles a wrong colour, did we use bad incense or are the gods/ archetypes angry on us?

The answer is factually very simple, you need to put power into your ritual to become a good result.

How do we do this? Well, in my view there are two main points to consider. First of all, you need to fuel your ritual, or as the ancient Aztecs would say; "You need to put a little heart into it."

Performing a ritual is usually to change something in our live, to attract or send away things, maybe even curse someone. As such we need to use the emotion(s) that lay at the base of our willing to fuel the ritual. In attracting a partner, we can use the emotion of lust out of our root or spleen chakra or if based on love from our heart chakra.

In finishing a relationship, or saying goodbye to someone, we can use the energy from our throat center and in cursing someone, we can use the energy from our solar plexus. The point is, that in each of these centers, we can find strong emotions, that can supply the energy to set up a powerful ritual.

What has this to do with Sutekh? Well the Ancient Gods/ Archetypes lived life to the fullest, they celebrated life, ate, feasted, fornicated. They didn't life a sterile life as for example many figures from the monotheistic religions, they enjoyed it, with all the emotions that it offered. As such we can step through the emotions from our state of being to that of Sutekh, which enlarges the energy we can contribute to the ritual, but also widens our inner contact to Sutekh.

A second essential part of the ritual is that whatever we wish to achieve, we must see it coming to us. If we doubt what the ritual can do, then our efforts will be in vain and even a loss of time and energy. Also performing a ritual several times, to hasten the outcome, can have a reverse effect. Once we send the energy out, we must trust in the result and let it come to us.

Do we need ritual to set the energy of the universe in motion? No, the same can be achieved through prayer, meditation, and many other ways. Putting a little heart into in, and trusting on the outcome are the main elements.

As such we seek contact with the energy of Sutekh, and through him aim towards the universe, to fulfill our most secret desire. And through Sutekh, we grow in ourselves, becoming gods after the image of Sutekh, reclaiming our heritage here on earth.


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Surfing the chaos.

Surfing the chaos, sounds a rather strange title for a blog, or even a personal expression on Left Hand Path Sethianism, but factually it's the result of your actions, at least if well aimed and directed through Sutekh.

Abrahamistic religions claim that the creation is in order, thanks to divine intervention, but if we look around us, we see a very different image. The world is not in order, and certainly our modern society looks like a badly organized anthill.

Our civilization comes closer to the chaos, which was so feared by the ancient Egyptians, and where so many sacrifices were done for in the temples, so that chaos wouldn't swallow up Egypt, but that the gods may grant it another day.

As a follower of Sutekh we welcome chaos in our lives, we call upon it in our rituals, for as all around us seems to go under in it, we raise above it, as such surfing the chaos and using it, to reach our goals.

We are not those who hold power in daylight, we are dwellers of the dark, masters of energy and rulers behind the throne. It is there, that the powers of Sutekh blossom greatly and reach us a great harvest and fortune.

For Sutekh is our first, last and only and with this I mean that he is our way to the Left Hand Path, however you see or consider him. being it a divine presence, a man who became god or an archetype, he is the way for each of us to walk.

If Sutekh doens't hold an important place in our lives, we deny our own divinity, for he is in us and we are in him.

A prayer/thought that I frequently use is the following:

"Life, Prosperity, Health, from the first and the last of thy children, the living and the dead, who are the eternal respresentation of thy being."

This one sentence say it factually all, Sutekh exists through us, as we find live in him. We, as humans, took mindless energy, shaped it into a form, that we now name, His Majesty Sutekh, and as such he has become for us a gate to reach the energy of the cosmos.

In all that you do, honor Sutekh, for through him, you find yourself and a divine being. Prepare well your rites and rituals, let them come from the heart, building a sacred temple and stairway in yourself, so you may become a vessel for him, that is not, but factually always have been, he will be you and you will be him.

While enjoying the fruits of our labour, we will glorify his name and as such our own, become after his image an immortal being, that will live and be young for all times.

May all your work on the Left Hand Path be fruitful and bring you abundance beyond comparison, so you may say always, Sutekh is the first and the last, the only one which show us, how to surf the chaos.


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Are we our own gods?

I received following question:

Do you believe we are our own gods? And if so why? If we are our own gods then why do we need Set, or a mask of Set, or any other Deity
for that matter?

My response:

The question is easy, did the gods create men, or vice versa.

My very personal view, as a spiritual atheist, is the last. At least in so far, that we name them, attribute them with powers, characters and more.

I do believe there is energy in the universe, that maybe is the origin of all that exists, but I think this is not a personal god, or even any god we can imagine. In the mythology of On (Heliopolis), it state that all came forth from an original ocean, called Nun. We could ask ourselves if this can be seen, as a vast energy, from where all developed?

Without Nun, nothing would have come to be, at least, if we follow the creation myth of On. For me this original water or ocean is the Abyss, which is so many times named in occult works and from where all comes forth.

From Nun, one god came forth, namely Atum, who further gave life to other gods, which in the end gave birth to Sutekh.

If Sutekh is a god or archetype is a personal question and answer, factually we can ask where the difference is, as Carl Gustav Jung said about the psychoid archetypes, that they don't exist, but are true beings. Ok, that is maybe difficult to grasp in the start, but what Jung means, is that the psychoid archetypes don't really exist, but men have created them from energy, named them, gave them power, characters and all, what we could expect from a god outside monotheism, and as such they do exist.

Basically we can state, that men used energy, formed it and then accepted these forms to stand above them as gods. For sure, these beings are powerful, due to the millennia of devotion and prayers that were aimed to them, and empowered them even more. Energy, that we can use in rites or meditation, to project our own thoughts and desires to, and let them come to be. One can state that we then need no outside forms, but directly use the energy. I do agree with that, but it’s difficult to aim towards an energy that has no shape, even if we see it in everything that exists. As such the forms we know as gods are a great help, to aim our workings and open doors to higher levels for us.

As Sutekh is so old, it is a fact that he is a powerful being / archetype and that he factually came to life, to become the being we expected him to be. This explains the many forms people seem to find in him, as all of us, recognize something of ourselves in Sutekh, and this attracts us to him, just to discover, that we need to work on our own being, to overcome our limitations and grow, through him, whose name we have accepted, as part of ourselves.

Even if I consider myself to be a spiritual atheist, I have a small shrine to Sutekh in my house, where I burn candles, incense & offer food and wine. For someone who doesn’t know me, they probably would think I am a Dark Pagan or Satanist.

Personally I have no problems with Theistic or Deistic people, let every one their own view and what we share in common, let it be our mutual path.

For I am not a master or teacher, just one who is searching through life & wants to share his views with others, so we may all learn in return.

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