There is a beast in man that should be exercised.

"There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised" -Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey-

This is one of my favorite quotes, as its very true in two ways. First of all, we need to live out our desires, even our most secret ones, for as far that this doesn't break any laws, hurt children or animals. But mostly people are fascinated by things, which are seen as taboo by society. For example, we can think of any fetish, Bdsm or further.

Why keep struggling with these hidden feelings and desires? Live them out to the fullest and rise above the limitations of your life. As such you will become much stronger and come closer to self deification. The best example I can show you is Sutekh, who wasn't held back by men or even god made limitations, to rise above all around Him and become the being of Chaos and Rebirth. Not into any fluffy and spiritual afterlife, but in true sense, here on earth.

Closer to our modern days, we have Carl Gustav Jung, who learns us, to look inside, to the things we hide away from others & many times even ourselves, and accept these things as essential parts of our being. If we don't accept these shadow aspects of our self, we will remain a limited being, always bowing for the demands of others and on a road of self destruction.

Because always living to the demands of others around us, family, organised religion & society in general, we can't deal with our shadow, and as such only get frustrated. And usually this is a vicious circle, only bringing us down, instead of up.

So stop with this self destruction and deal with your feelings and desires, you will feel much better doing what you want, then always listening to those around you. If it's not accepted to those who give you advice, don't tell them. That the easiest way, and soon you will be strong enough to stand up to the people that hinder you and even when you inform them, this will aid you in your growth, for people that only hinder you in your growth and way of life, don't need to be close to you. Dump them and set your feet firmly on the path of Sutekh, towards deification.

A second way, we can look at the above mentioned quote is in calling the energy of the gods you honor. It doesn't matter if you see them as true beings or archetypes. Call down the energies that are connected with the gods and feel them going through your being, strengthening you and giving you insights on the Left Hand Path.

Calling down the powers, can be done in many ways. Through ritual, meditation, but also in dance and many other possibilities. The only limitation is your fantasy.

When I call upon the power of Sutekh, I visualize how this flows to and through me, remodeling myself after His Image, becoming a god in His name. When doing this, I feel a enormous power flowing from the universe towards me, it can be as a kind of electricity, but also be a sexual feeling. I happens that I feel strong vibrations in my body and that my limbs will shake, as out of control.

Don't be afraid of this, but explore the numerous possibilities and feel the power of the gods in you, as they use you as a vessel and fill you with their strength.

If this happens to a christian, people quickly call a priest and say the person needs to exorcised. Strange enough in many other culture they see this as a blessing, not as a curse. For example think of shamans, possession in santeria and in animistic rites.

So step out of yourself, or at least the person that has been created by your tutors, family and society in general, live your life to the fullest and become a god in your own right. You will see a multitude of changes to grow, while others will talk of sin and devil worship. Don't let other control your life, but take over control and become who you really are deep in you.

And in all bless and thank the energies, Archetypes and Gods that aid you on this path, as I say thank you to Sutekh, my Benevolent Father, who shows me a multitude of ways to live a life, i never could dream of, before I found His Sinister Path and Power.

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The essence of ritual.

Most practitioners of the Left Hand Path, will use or used rituals to influence the surrounding world, a working which we call magick. We can ask ourselves what the essence of a ritual is, and most likely will get very different responses to it.

Some will name the book with specific rituals, which they use, others will name candles, chalice, incense and so on. But only few will name the fact that you need to believe in what you are doing, because without the conviction that you can influence the elements around you, you will not focus your thoughts / mind, and accomplish nothing.

The most important element of any ritual or working is your brain or thoughts. If you really believe that your spirit can influence your life path and the elements needed to accomplish this, then factually you already took the main obstacle.

You can use a fantastic text, buy the most expensive tools, wine, incense & offerings, but without the basic faith, that what you do, will work, your success will be zero. Everything works or fails with what you accept for yourself.

If you believe in predestination, you can forget any use of magick or rituals, as you will block any success yourself. But if you accept that action equals reaction, then you have started a difficult way to live to your fullest.

Years ago I saw the movie "The Guru of sex", where a would be movie player acts as a guru and speaks about having and enjoying sex, and he states, that the most important in this is your brain, without this no fantasy or pleasure and factually the same goes for ritual or magick.

Your mind needs to build the ritual in advance. Belief that it works, focus your thoughts during the working and see the finished result coming your way. Then you have the perfect base for a successful ritual or working.

Do we in fact need rituals to furfill our desires? The answer is no, but it does help most practitioners to focus better, on what they wish to do, or want to get. You can do the same, without any ritual, but its a different way of working.

Through meditation, visualisation and energy working, we can get the same result. Which of the two is best, is up to you to decide, what matters is what works best for you. So experiment with both ways, and see what goes best for you.

I have been always very fond of rituals, got some very good results with them, but over time I turned towards working more with the essence of thoughts / energy.

In what ever way you accomplish your goals, see it as a way to live to the fullest on the path to self deification, after the image of Sutekh.

As such don't be afraid to do battle with elements of your past, most likely many things that you learnend and were said by your parents, family or tutors, no longer work for you and even hold you back, so get rid of them and accept in your life, that what makes you free and more powerful.

Sutekh is our guiding light, He Himself had to fight for his right to rule and be, who he is. May we become one with Him, so changing our path to our desires, to live as gods among men, in honor of Sutekh.

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The art of magick, being action and reaction.

Ah, magick, the word alone let hearts beat quicker, some in fear, others in joy. It is an art, that needs to be looked at and practiced with care. Not for the right hand path idea, that what you do, will return in threefold, but because if you don't use magick as it should, it will not work, or if you can't handle it, it will turn against you.

Basically the use of magick is simple, we take action, through an energy working, ritual or what ever, and aim toward a reaction, especially that what we want to get done. How exactly the art works, is something that we can discuss lengthy, but its better to use this time, to learn using the power of Magick, being the power of the universe and the gods/ devils or archetypes, that are our guiding light.

The first question that we need to put, is what the difference is between black and white magick? Well, I believe there is none. Nature doesn't know of black and white, these are subjective idea's created by men. To often I have seen white light groups use magick to obtain power or glory, and so called black light groups use it for healing.

So don't be bothered with trying to find out what colour of magick it should be, unless its the colour that fits you and your needs.

Another question that we can raise, is which power we need to use, that of love or hate. well, most of us will know, that the dividing line between these two is very thin. Factually the most powerful rites I did, were based on hate, and I can assure you that it didn't come back in threefold, as fluffy white lighteners claim. Lol.

For example, I remember a time, when I wanted to get even with a social club, where I helped out a lot, but suddenly I wasn't welcome any more. So when they had their annual BBQ, it was splendid weather, though the weather forecast said, some rain could fall during the day. I used the rite of destruction, found in the works of Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, and performed it with strength in mind and voice (loudly), and filled with hate.

The first hours there wasn't any reaction, but by the time, the food was ready, the sky turned dark and a thunderstorm ruined the clubs perfect day. I enjoyed it greatly and was glad to have had my revenge.

Another time, I was walking my dog and still needed a go a long distance, while a storm was quickly coming closer. In mind I sought contact with Sutekh, asking that the storm, would not hit us, till I was home. Though the wind started to blow and lighting flashed through the sky, not a drop of rain fell, till I was safely at home. And then it was as a flud came over the earth.

In obtaining items, it some times succeeded me, to buy things that I wanted for a very good price and in a (very) short period of time.

So I am convinced of the art and power of magick, which is nothing more then exercising our will over the elements around us, does work. Whether we use only our minds to send the energy out, or perform a ritual, this isn't important, but what counts is that we use a method that works for us personally.

I used to be very fond of rituals, most likely a remainder of my time as a traditional catholic priest, but turned again more towards simple energy working, which is a renewal of my earlier workings on this level.

Using a ritual that we don't like, or doesn't ring a bell for us, is meaningless. If you are not connected with what you perform, don't use it.  What ever way you use, be one with it and it shall radiate strongly from you towards the universe/ gods and bring you that what you desire.

If you have performed your working or ritual, see as if what you want, is already obtained and be joyful about it.

If you hesitated, or think it will not work, then you break down the energy and the result will fade. Also remember, small things are more easy to become, then something large, but in the end, measurements or importance isn't the main issue, but simply if you believe in it or not.

Never forget the power(s) that aide you in your working, be it gods, devils or archetypes. Be thankful for your connection with them, as I praise Sutekh, my personal angle to infinity.


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